What We Do



Do you need coordination of anything related to automation? This includes everything from gas dispensers, POSs and EMS (Energy Management Systems). Call us for anything connected to a data jack or the internet.


Whether you need to order telephone landlines or wireless Internet solutions, we do it all. We test signal strength, mount wireless Internet access points (cradlepoint, accelerated or unlimited), and we order and schedule service and the completion of service. We can even determine where your pedestal telephone pole should be in your site plans.


You name it, we do it. In fact, we’re licensed to do IT for you.
If you need someone to pull together all the access points for your construction job, call us. We install equipment like switch modems, servers, POS equipment, printers and more.
We also do programming jobs like installing security routers, network settings, and usernames and password testing.


We leverage the experience of licensed electricians and a Master Electrician with decades of experience. We are a commercial retail contractor specializing in restarts but can accommodate just about any commercial contractor role.

We’ve been in business for decades because our clients trust us. And they trust us because we serve them with integrity. That’s why our clients keep coming back, like Starbucks, 7Eleven, Granite Communications, Spencer Technologies and more.

Let us be your “Low Voltage Guys” because we have more than 100 years combined experience working in the “grey area” of your construction, telecommunications, network solution and electrical projects.

We have a skilled team of experts with over 100 years combined experience working in construction, telecommunications, network solution and electrical projects.

We can’t help it…we’re just wired this way. Our low voltage technicians have limitless skills to leverage on your behalf in construction, telecommunications, network solutions and electrical services.