“I don’t know how you handle so much stuff, you are amazing.”
David Niven
7-Eleven Regional Construction Manager, East Coast
"As an AV/IT Infrastructure and Engineering firm, we rely heavily on LTCG to help us deliver high quality, nation-wide integration and project management services. Their can-do approach, ability to think creatively, fairness, and responsiveness are unparalleled, and it is a luxury to have a such a great partner."
Testimonials 1
David Lerner
Lerner Solutions, President
“I want to thank each and every one over at LTCG for continuously being among the best individuals to work alongside. We make some incredible stuff happen, and it wouldn't be possible without you!”
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Greyson Back
Dutch Bros., LLC - IT Support Specialist
“LTCG always came up with a fair price for the out-of-scope work we requested for them.”
Victor Ruiz
7-Eleven Remodel Project Manager (Petroleum)
“Gregory, you are a miracle worker! My sincere thanks for making this happen!“ “You are doing it in an outstanding manner – really appreciate it!”
Steven Hall
7-Eleven VP, Construction & Facilities
“We love having LTCG involved in the beginning of our projects, because they always find something that we missed.”
Emile Samra
7-Eleven National Remodel Manager
“I really enjoy working with your company. I don’t have to worry about you. I give you an assignment and let you go. You are so good, I only have to talk to you at contract renewal time.”
Ed Carnevale
7-Eleven Store Support Center Sr. Director