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Gregory Levalds is no stranger to hard work. He’s been earning a living since he was 15 years old and his entrepreneurial spirit began at 17 when he started his first business painting Taco Bell locations in St. Louis. He’s worked across multiple industries in network solutions, logistics, electrical and construction and gained deep experience along the way that he’s applied to his business at LTCG, LLC. Now, your construction, telecom, electrical or network solutions can benefit from what he and his team deliver for their clients across these eclectic industries.

Gregory and his leadership team deliver over a century of combined experience and put that experience to work for your benefit:

Our Leadership Team

Gregory Levalds / Owner (President & CEO), 35+ years

Gregory Levalds has over 35 years’ eclectic experience in construction, telecom, network solutions and electrical work. He’s a successful entrepreneur, providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the construction and logistic industries. He also has a demonstrated ability to successfully deliver for his clients with over 20 years in the telecommunication industry. Gregory has a working knowledge with LEC on POTS and ISP services and also has 20 years in data / telecommunication cabling, with a working knowledge in installations. He knows how to pull in the right resources to get the job done while managing multiple projects, whether you need a single store remodel or want a team to coordinate a national roll out of new construction stores. Gregory has served as President and CEO of LTCG, LLC for the past 15 years working with day-to-day operations developing innovative ways to support existing clients and creating customized solutions to best support the needs of clients. He’s also been an electrical apprentice for the past six years, learning every aspect of the electrical NEC code and site installation(s).

Gregory Levalds, Owner and Founder of LTCG, LLC understands the importance of honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic. So, he looks for these attributes when he hires his employees and holds himself to the highest standards of ethics.

David Sorrentino / Service Manager, 20+ years

David has 22 years of expertise in the construction industry with a focus on technology, along with 15 years’ expertise in the telecommunications industry as a field services Manager (in both government and retail sectors). He has over a decades’ experience with hybrid sales/service roles within multiple platforms across different sectors He’s also managed field services on a national scale for 10 years managing schedules, workforce, travel logistics, and project startup/closeouts along with permitting inspections. David has a 100% success rate in permitting/licensing processes, which is amazing since he’s done this for 10 years as a national project management – he’s demonstrated his expertise in juggling multi-jurisdictions.

Brian Ollar / Lead Coordinator, 20 years

Brian Ollar serves as Lead Coordinator and has two decades of experience in the Travel & Logistics industries. He is responsible for making sure crews and equipment are in place nationwide, to support client business needs.  He’s worked as a dispatcher and special assignments scheduler during irregular operations and has been leveraged as a trainer during his years in the Travel & Logistics industry.   Brian has 12 years of experience coordinating construction projects. He’s worked with construction GC’s and various trades to manage completion timeline for commercial projects. He’s also great at working with telecommunications engineers to confirm facilities are in place for phone and Internet services for commercial projects. He collaborates with team members on Network Systems Installation, with fuel GC’s and vendors on fuel sites to manage completion timeline and enjoys working with clients during all phases of the project, as support.

Luke Benedetti / Master Electrician 25+ years

Luke Benedetti is a Corporate Master Electrician and oversees day-to-day electrical operations to ensure that Levalds Technical Coordination Group, LLC is actively licensed and in good standing with the multiple jurisdictions in which LTCG, LLC operates. Luke believes that continuing education is key to remaining current with the quickly evolving field of electrical contracting and to maintain proper safety training. He has been working as an electrician for over 25 years and has vast experience in commercial, residential, and light industrial contracting and service work. Luke also has experience working with specialized tools, estimating and managing, and continues to invest in building knowledge related to his trade and code as it evolves with the ever changing demands of technology and efficiency. Luke holds a Master Electrician License in multiple states and jurisdictions and is the Responsible Representative- Qualifier for Levalds Technical Coordination Group, LLC’s Contractor licenses.

Brandie Folkers / Support Manager 10+ years

Brandie Folkers has been the Support Manager for LTCG for over a decade. Before this role, she worked in the residential construction industry. She has 10 years of project coordination experience, including network equipment staging and support for customers’ equipment and research & development on wireless ISP solution for both United States clients and international clients. Brandie has more than 12 years experience in project management, project coordination, and asset management in the construction industry. She holds a B.S. in Technology and Training from The University of Mary-Hardin Baylor.

When you need a
"Hi Tech Handyman"

Whether you’re looking for help with system upgrades, new construction, remodels, maintenance of existing stores or a national rollout, LTCG, LLC can help. Gregory Levalds and his hand-selected team of expert professionals deliver 100+ years combined experience resulting in the highest quality service for clients. Established in 2004, LTCG specializes in Construction, Telecommunications, Network Solutions and Electrical work. So, when you need a “hi tech handyman” call LTCG to do the job. Contact us today!

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