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Expert Low-Voltage Telecommunications & Network Services

Levalds Technical Coordination Group LLC (LTCG LLC) is the company to choose for  telecommunications and network services nationwide. Our commercial electrical contractor has what it takes to meet all your system setup needs.

Low Voltage (telecommunication and data cabling) Installation with all in-house technicians / employees.  The use of only in-house technicians allow quality control and guarantees that no matter what part of the country is being serviced, the installation will be the same (i.e., to the specifications of the customer/owner).  Low voltage is the blood line (in other words, the money trail) for retail and convenience store locations; if the store loses connectivity, then the store is unable to conduct sales and loses all non cash revenue until that connection is restored. This means that customers who are unable to use their debit and credit cards will seek other retailers and convenience stores that are able to conduct sales, and may not return to stores that were not working when they needed them.  Therefore, it is imperative to have a reliable company that has a great track record and longevity. LTCG LLC is that source. Our low voltage technician skill set is not limited to just pulling and terminating cables; our technicians are trained to install network equipment (e.g., POS, Router, Access Point, Switch, PC servers, Money Order Machine, Verifone).

LTCG LLC specializes in nationwide roll outs, whether it is coordinating the project or providing the service to upgrade or replace current systems (e.g., network, low voltage, or electrical systems). The installation is conducted to the customer/owner(s) specifications and local / regional laws and regulations. In other words, it is individualized to the customer's needs.  We can support it all.  Our technicians are ready to start your projects with little or no lead time. In addition, we have the ability for a quick turnaround, from approval of a project to executing the technicians for installation(s).

We have highly trained employees for any project located anywhere within the United States.  LTCG LLC also has a long working history with a qualified subcontractor in Canada.

Safety LTCG employees are our most valuable resource and their safety is of highest priority. Safety and accident prevention is an integral part of everyone’s job.  Each of our employees are trained on safety policies and practices.

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Come to us for custom installation of telecommunications systems. This includes all the telephone and data cabling needed for commercial businesses. You’ll be on the phone and online with new customers in no time once we’re through!


Network Services

Get yourself connected with our network services. We install a variety of network equipment, such as routers and access points. Plus, we configure the equipment and confirm its connectivity. Ask us about providing wireless solutions, as well.

Contact us to learn more about our  telecommunications & network services.