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Construction Coordinator & Electrical Installation

Make Levalds Technical Coordination Group LLC (LTCG LLC) the construction coordinator for installation of automated equipment and electrical systems. We act as the single point of contact for multiple vendors and departments.

Construction Coordinator

Construction Coordination Services – As a single point of contact for multiple vendors and departments, using LTCG LLC allows Project Managers to focus on budgets and other projects at hand, and allows the General Contractors to focus on getting the site completed and opened to the public. This frees up the on-site Job Supervisor to manage the contractors / vendors on site, the task at hand, instead of being distracted by future details and tasks, such as deliveries, equipment installations, ordering of utilities, and other contractors.  The Job Supervisor is able to call one number to confirm multiple vendors and multiple equipment, reducing the amount of time to confirm and/or reschedule installations of equipment.


Our Coordination Office manages real-time updates and provides daily or weekly updates, as specified  by the customer. Our Coordination services include Asset Management, Roll-Outs, Vendor Scheduling, Ordering Utility Services, Escalations, Hardware and Software Trouble-Shooting, Surveys, and Shipping / Receiving.


    • Point-Of-Sale
    • Utilities
    • Petroleum Dispensers
    • ATM / ABM
    • Network equipment


  • Electrical Installation
  • Motor Controllers
  • Street lamps
  • Lighting packages


  • DSL Modem
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Router
  • Access Point
  • Low Voltage Cabling







Electrical Installation

Rely on our expertise for electrical installation at commercial locations. We offer a complete electrical service packages for a variety of projects. Whether you are building out the space from the ground up, remodeling, or doing new construction, LTCG LLC are the ones to call. We specialize in project design and customized installations.  We also provide service calls.

Safety LTCG employees are our most valuable resource and their safety is one of our highest priorities. Safety and accident prevention is an integral part of everyone’s job.  Each of our employees are trained on safety policies and practices.
Contractor - Construction Coordinator

Contact us, to learn more about our work as a construction coordinator and our electrical installation services.